Friday, October 5, 2007

RW Soul: An Ode to Those Who Bleed Orange and Green

The spirit of a Rattler is complex at best, yet still evident. While those other college co-eds across the tracks paint their bodies and fill Doak Campbell with garnet and gold, we Rattlers strut into Bragg Stadium as if it were New York City fashion week, wearing strategically placed orange and green.

Those unfamiliar with how we do things on the highest of seven hills may think of our practices as a lack of spirit, when really it’s the opposite. Our spirit isn’t measured by how long we sit through a football game or how many students attend convocation, our spirit is in the pride that we have for our school. It is what keeps our alumni coming back and prospective students wanting to one day be considered a Rattler.

We love our school, through the good and the bad. We stood by our school during presidential changes, financial woes, and negative media coverage. Through it all, FAMU has emerged with flying colors, orange and green of course.

This school year is a fresh start. With a new president and financial aid getting things done in a timely fashion, what more of a reason do you need to show your Rattler spirit? With that being said, enjoy your sausage, rock your stilettos and “do whatcha wanna.” True Rattlers—we know you bleed orange and green.

By RattlerWIRE contributing student, Anitra Ellison


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What about the new teaching gym? Are there any renderings?

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