Friday, February 29, 2008

FAMU Vice President of Student Government Association will Premiere his First Short Film

On March 4, at 7 p.m., James Bland, vice president of Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) Student Government Association, will premiere his first short film “Dreaming in Color” at FAMU’s Lee Hall Auditorium. Bland, a fourth-year business administration student from Titusville, Fla., began production of the film in early January of this year. The movie, based on the true story of Bland’s cousin Devon Hayes, has a storyline that the students on FAMU’s campus and abroad can relate.

“This story touches on issues that affect many young African Americans today,” said Bland. “I want it to serve as an inspiration for others to follow your dreams no matter what.”

The film is also serving as a debut for young actors in the FAMU community. Whitney Mignon Reed, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student from Sarasota, Fla., stars as the young Grace Hughes an inspiring singer.

“Grace reminds me of myself,” said Reed. “She wants to see all her friends’ dreams come true and she supports them in their efforts.”

The film also stars Bryan Brown, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student from Apopka, Fla., as Sean Miller the aspiring basketball player. Brown said that this film is coming at a good time for the FAMU community.

“It is showing a different side of FAMU,” said Brown. “I am proud to play the role because I can relate to Sean. He just wants to make a difference like many students here at FAMU.”

Recent issues such as budget cuts, threats of canceled summer school, and leering financial issues from semesters past are plaguing the student community. Student morale has steadily grown on the campus since President James H. Ammons returned to FAMU, but students are looking for this movie to be a new driving force.

“I am excited to see the movie,” said Anquan Brown, a fourth-year doctorate of pharmacy candidate from Miami. “We hear so many negative things about our school in the media that it’s easy to forget about the positive things students are accomplishing.”

In the past decade, FAMU alumni such as Will Packer and Rob Hardy have made a major impact on the film industry. Bland is hoping FAMU will be his starting ground like the great directors and producer before him

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