Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ACEJMC re-accredits FAMU’s Journalism Division

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) Division of Journalism has been re-accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

“We strongly recommend re-accreditation,” wrote Trevor Brown, professor emeritus at Indiana University, and Jackie Jones, a longtime journalist and director for Jones Coaching. Brown and Jones conducted the site team visit for the Accrediting Council on Journalism and Mass Communication in February 2008. The division was placed on provisional status after a 2006 site visit due to governance and communication issues, including the lack of a permanent director.

The ACEJMC vote was 26 in favor of re-accreditation, no opposition and two abstentions on May 2.

“The council’s decision is a reflection of the enormous progress that has been made and should be a sign of great things to come for both the faculty and students,” said Peter Bhatia, president of ACEJMC and executive editor of The Oregonian.

The site team report stated it’s “clear from comments and observation that Dorothy Bland has transformed the living and working environment for faculty, students and staff.” Bland, an award-winning journalist, media executive and former newspaper publisher, joined FAMU in January 2007 as the director of the Division of Journalism.

“Documents revealed that almost immediately the new director had won the admiration and respect of the dean, faculty, students and staff for her superb leadership and management skills and indefatigable work ethic,” the team report stated.

James Hawkins, dean of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, said he is delighted with the ACEJMC’s vote.

ACEJMC has accredited about 110 journalism and mass communications programs in the United States.

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