Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FAMU leads America’s Public Universities in Preparing Blacks for Ph.D.s

Florida A&M University has another number one ranking. It tops America’s public higher education institutions in preparing blacks for success in Ph.D. programs.

According to the National Science Foundation’s “Survey of Earned Doctorates,” 27 blacks who received baccalaureates from FAMU earned Ph.D.s in 2006, the largest number from any public college or university in the United States.

Howard University was first overall with 40.

FAMU’s performance stood out within the State University System of Florida. In 2006, Florida State University’s undergraduate program produced 9 blacks who earned Ph.D.s. The University of Miami and University of Florida both had 5.

“FAMU’s ‘Excellence with Caring’ approach is a winning formula,” said President James H. Ammons. “Our faculty and administration are dedicated to the goal of increasing the number of African Americans who earn their Ph.D.s. In addition, our faculty works to equip students with the discipline, knowledge, and research skills they need to become America’s top scholars.”

FAMU’s Graduate Feeder Scholars Program accounts for much of the university’s success. It serves as a pipeline that sends FAMU’s top-performing students on to advanced degree programs at more than 40 research universities. Participating institutions include the University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, and Vanderbilt.

“The success of a university’s graduates is one of the best measures of its academic quality,” said Chanta Haywood, Ph.D. dean of FAMU’s School of Graduate Studies and Research. “This data shows that FAMU’s baccalaureates are regarded highly by Ph.D. program admissions committees across the nation. It also proves that FAMU’s students leave here ready to compete and excel anywhere.”

NSF has tracked earned doctorates since 1966 and its online records extend to 2006. Over those 40 years, FAMU graduated 599 black baccalaureate degree recipients who went on to complete Ph.D.s, the largest all-time number from any public higher education institution. Only Howard (1,285) and Hampton (628) managed to edge out FAMU during that time period.

2006 (USA)
Howard, 40
Spelman, 36
Hampton, 33
Morehouse, 28
Florida A&M University, 27

2006 (Florida)
FAMU, 27
FSU, 9
Miami, 5
UF, 5
FIU, 4

Overall, 1966-2006
Howard, 1,285
Hampton, 628
Florida A&M University, 599
Southern A&M, Baton Rouge, 594
Tuskegee, 564

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