Monday, July 20, 2009

Professors Elect New Faculty Senate VP

Florida A&M University (FAMU) Professor Maurice Holder, Ph.D. will continue to serve as Faculty Senate president and remain on the FAMU Board of Trustees. Holder was reelected to the post in April for a two year term beginning in August of this year.

“I am honored to be reelected by my colleagues to serve a second term as president of the Faculty Senate,” said Holder. “There is much to be done to keep FAMU viable and on the cutting edge of higher education. A strong Board of Trustees, administration, Faculty Senate and Union, working together, can make that happen. The members of the Senate with this newly elected leadership will continue to push for responsible and productive interactions that provide a formula for progress and success at FAMU while following the mandates of the recently ratified academic constitution.”

In addition, Gwendolyn Singleton, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Psychology, was elected the new vice president of the FAMU Faculty Senate.

As Faculty Senate vice president, Singleton will be responsible for assisting Holder in carrying out the policies, initiatives and directives of the Senate.

“I decided to seek the Senate Vice President position because of my desire to contribute to the university’s attainment of its academic objectives, while representing the interests of our faculty and our students,” said Singleton. “During my term, I will seek to establish new vehicles of communication and exchange with faculty, the Senate and administration to ensure that our decisions and recommendations are informed by a broad spectrum of our colleagues.”

The Faculty Senate is the highest legislative body within FAMU, and advises the president on academic matters and other concerns affecting more than one school or college. The Faculty Senate considers, legislates and advises on all matters of general University interest.

The Faculty Senate is the supreme legislative body on internal policy and other matters within the university and is the principal advisory body to the president on all matters external to the university.

Faculty Senators are elected annually for two-year staggered terms in March of each year by the faculty of each college or school including the Environmental Sciences Institute. New senators take office at the initial fall meeting of the Faculty Senate. In addition, various members of the university administration may be ex-officio members, and the Student Government Association elects two student members. The Faculty Senate elects its officers, sets its own rules of procedure, and establishes committees to perform Senate functions.

From left to right: Maurice Holder and Gwendolyn Singleton

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