Monday, March 10, 2008

FAMU Office of Public Affairs Launches New Media

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) Office of Public Affairs is proud to announce the launch of new media that will broaden the lines of communication between all its stakeholders, as well as serve as a recruitment and marketing tool.

“The Office of Public Affairs is committed to maintaining an open line of communication between all of FAMU constituents and ensuring that the campus community is aware of activities, issues and opportunities,” said Sharon Saunders, FAMU’s chief of communications. “The new media we have launched will serve as a means to increase the flow of communication and grab the attention of computer savvy Rattlers.”

The FAMU Public Relations MySpace page, the official FAMU YouTube channel, the FAMU Message On-Hold System, the FAMU e-newsletter and the FAMU Board of Trustees Report (BOT) will each serve as new means to increase communication among the FAMU stakeholders.

The official FAMU MySpace page,, will feature up-to-date news on the institution; photo galleries showcasing campus activities; alumni and student achievements; and promotional videos.

The official FAMU YouTube channel,, will feature news updates, promotional videos, documentaries from students in the FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC), and video from SJGC student “Live at Five” newscast.

Both the YouTube channel and MySpace page were constructed and will be maintained by Angel Suri, a FAMU information and communication specialist. The media act as ways to communicate with students and alumni, and market prospective students.

“The YouTube channel and MySpace profile kill two birds with one stone,” Suri said. “Prospective Rattlers are a product of the digital era, and new media is a great way to attract them to the Hill. Students and alumni have expressed serious interest in keeping abreast on just what is going on at the institution, and this is a fun and interactive way to keep them informed.”

Pamela Tolson, FAMU’s director of media relations, echoed Suri’s sentiment as it applies to the FAMU Message On-Hold, e-newsletter and BOT Report, which she will be responsible for maintaining.

“Everyday thousands of individuals step foot on this campus and we have a responsibility to find new and efficient ways to communicate with those individuals who all lead very busy lives,” Tolson said. “We have to reach the FAMU community where it is most effective and we have to realize that all constituents should be knowledgeable of what is occurring here at FAMU. The new media will do just that.”

The FAMU Message On-Hold plays when an individual calls the university and is placed on hold. The message will reflect the most current and up-to-date news, special events, student, faculty and alumni achievements, and information for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

The FAMU e-newsletter will be distributed via the FAMU email system to students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni, board of trustees and foundation. It will feature up-to-date information about campus highlights, special events, student and faculty achievements and other pertinent information.

The FAMU BOT Report will be published electronically and recap the events of each board of trustee meeting. It will be distributed, via the FAMU email system, to students, staff, faculty, administration and FAMU Foundation and Board members. It will be published quarterly after each board of trustees meeting.

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