Monday, June 9, 2008

FAMU Student Government Vice President Named a Gubernatorial Fellow

Florida A&M University Student Government Association (SGA) vice president Mellori Lumpkin was chosen to be part of Gov. Charlie Crist’s fourth class of the Gubernatorial Fellowship program.

“I’m very excited, not only about opportunity but because there are only 11 students chosen throughout the state — undergrads, grads and even law school students — and I was one of them,” Lumpkin said. “Just for FAMU to have a seat at the table of this fellowship is a very good showing.”

Students were selected based on a competitive application process, which included the ability to show strong leadership, written and oral communication skills, community activism, and a desire to serve the people of Florida. They will work in the Executive Office of the Governor or one of the Governor’s agencies, depending on their area of study. Fellows will be expected to work a minimum of 20 hours each week and will receive an hourly wage for their time on the job. To broaden the Fellows’ exposure to state government and enhance their experience, they will also meet weekly as a group to participate in educational activities such as presentations, press conferences, budget briefings and policy briefings.

Lumpkin, a senior business administration student from Bainbrigde, Ga., first heard about the fellowship while browsing through the website, and is the third FAMU student to be part of the Gubernatorial Fellowship. She is most excited about being able to bring a Rattlers standpoint to the fellowship and the experience she will gain from it.

“Because of some of the issues facing our student body, like budget cuts and tuition increases, I think it would be a great experience and learning opportunity,” said Lumpkin.

After graduating in spring 2009, Lumpkin plans on attending law school and returning to Tallahassee to pursue a career in public service.

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