Monday, April 13, 2009

FAMU Journalism, Graphic, and Photography Students Win 14 Florida AP Broadcast and College Press Awards

Journalism, graphic and photography students at the FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) collected 14 awards from the Florida Associated Press Broadcast (FAPB) contest and the Florida College Press Association (FCPA) Better Newspaper contest.

"We are thrilled about the awards the students have earned," said James Hawkins, Ph.D., dean of the FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. "We congratulate our students and the professors who guided their work."

Alexis Blackwell won a first place AP Award for "Best Radio Newscast" for WANM 90.5. She attributes her win to SJGC faculty support.

"I don't think I would have received the training, love, and support from any other school than the FAMU SJGC," said Blackwell, a 22-year-old December graduate from Fayetteville, Ga. "Professor Miles, in particular, has been the biggest supporter and has given me more motivation to pursue radio broadcasting as a career."

The list of winners "speaks volumes about what's happening in the classroom," said Keith Miles, general manager for WANM 90.5 radio and a broadcast journalism instructor. He noted that the radio station also won first place in the Best of the South competition covering a seven-state region earlier this year.

"This is just recognition of the hard work it took to move SJGC to the next level," said Miles.

FAPB Winners

1st Place - Best Radio Newscast, Alexis Blackwell for WANM 90.5, "WANM News"

1st Place - Best Photo Essay, Ashley Carnegie and Alexandra Dor for FAMU-TV 20, "Obama: Impact on America"

1st Place - Best Sport Feature for Radio, Dexter Johnson for WANM 90.5, "Primetime Sports"

1st Place - Long Hard Radio News Feature, Jermaine Fletcher for WANM 90.5, "AIDS: The New Black Plague"

1st Place - Short Light Radio Feature, Xion Lester for WANM 90.5, "Question of the Day"

1st Place - Long Light TV News Feature, Maria Osler and Markita Andrews for FAMU-TV 20, "In Their Eyes"

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2nd Place - Best TV Newscast, Saundra Weathers for FAMU-TV 20, "News 20 @ 5"

2nd Place - Best Sports Feature for TV, Alicia Mitchell for FAMU-TV 20, "FSU Basketball"

2nd Place - Long Light Radio News Feature, Dexter Johnson for WANM 90.5, "FAMU Football Coach"

FCPA Winners

1st Place - Best Feature Writing, Ashley Brown for The Famuan

1st Place - Best Photography, Taylar Barrington for The Famuan

3rd Place - Best College Newspaper, The Famuan

3rd Place - Best Front Page Design, The Famuan

3rd Place - Best General News Writing, The Famuan

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