Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dean Haywood Appointed Chair for a U.S. Department of Education Board

Chanta Haywood, Ph.D., dean of Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) School of Graduate Studies and Research, has been elected to serve as Chair on the U.S. Department of Education’s prestigious Jacob K. Javits Fellows Program Fellowship Board. The Javits Board establishes general policies for the graduate fellows program and oversees the operation of the program.

Earlier this year, Haywood was appointed as a board member.

Exiting board chair, Luther Hodges of Phoenix Associates, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC, stated the program would gain needed visibility under Haywood’s leadership.

“The Board of Directors could not possibly have made a better choice given Dr. Haywood's experience with graduate education and her dedication to the principles of the Jacob Javits Fellowship,” said Hodges. “Under Dr. Haywood's leadership, I know that the program will gain needed visibility, and we can expect support for the graduate fellowship to grow both within the Department of Education and the United States Congress.”

The members of the Javits Board voted Haywood chair unanimously.

“I am truly excited that Dean Haywood has been selected to lead such a prestigious board,” said FAMU Provost Cynthia Hughes Harris. “This new appointment speaks volumes of Dr. Haywood’s leadership and dedication to graduate education.”

Haywood’s experiences with graduate fellowship programs range from writing and managing millions of dollars in federal grants, reviewing proposals, and giving national and regional presentations and workshops on various issues facing graduate education.

Newly elected vice chair, Ana M. Cauce, Ph.D., dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, expressed her thoughts on Haywood’s appointment.

“Dean Haywood’s energy and enthusiasm for the work was obvious from the start, and I very much look forward to her leadership on the Board,” said Cauce.

According to Haywood, many people may not know that Senator Javits wrote an article in Esquire Magazine in 1958 predicting that Americans would elect the first black president in his children's lifetime. He also projected that in terms of its demographics, the world would look very different during this first black president's term. Javits pointed out that in order to maintain its position as a world leader, America would have to be vigilant in its understanding of diverse cultural views and perspectives and train professionals in fields that would make us leaders in traversing such a social climate.

“The fellowship program seeks to award federal funds to graduate students in the arts, humanities and social sciences,” said Haywood. “Senator Javits’ premise will inform my leadership of the Board that makes the policies for operating this program. Senator Javits’ prognosis has become a reality in President Barack Obama, and I am eager to work under his administration in the Department of Education."

Haywood’s appointment ends on July 31, 2014.

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