Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Former FAMU Faculty Publishes Book on Professional Development Skills

Nathaniel Wesley, Jr., a former Florida A&M University employee for more than 10 years, has published a book that expounds on concepts he developed as professor at FAMU.

The book, titled “Professional Development Dictionary and Guide for the Health and Allied Health Professions,” is a practical resource for enhancement of professional development. Wesley also introduces his “ABC Concept,” attitude, behavior competence, discipline and excellence.

“The idea is to provide a better understanding of the terms and terminology that govern personal and professional development,” Wesley said. “This would give individuals some insight as to the impact that professional development has on a career.”

Wesley worked at FAMU from 1994 to 2006 as a faculty member in the School of Allied Health Science, as the associate director of the Institute of Public Health and the director of the Division of Health Care Management.

Wesley received his bachelors of science degree from FAMU and a master of hospital administration degree from University of Michigan, Ann Harbor, Mi.

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