Thursday, October 20, 2011

FAMU is Ready to Welcome Students this Fall

Ready to provide “Excellence with Caring,” Florida A&M University (FAMU) is starting off the 2011-2012 school year with a makeover for its bookstore, new distance-learning programs and upgraded facilities.

This fall, male students will be returning to Sampson and Young Residence Halls, which have been closed since 2003. The two historic dormitories were recently renovated to house a total of 238 male students. Each building has a mix of social spaces and amenities such as a lounge, public restrooms, laundry, storage, a computer lab and offices.

During meetings FAMU President James H. Ammons had with the students in the residential halls last school year, many wanted the laundry facilities updated.

The university has made some significant changes, equipping the laundry rooms with new energy efficient washers and dryers. These up-to-date washers and dryers are connected to the Internet, giving residents the ability to pay for each wash or dry cycle with a debit card, credit card or coin, eliminating the chore of finding the correct number of quarters, or the need to keep track of or replenish a laundry card. For those students who prefer to use coins, there are several high volume bill change machines.

The laundry rooms in each residence hall will also be equipped with a Laundry View 3-D monitoring system, which will allow students to check the availability of washers and dryers before going to the laundry room, and to get a text message after their laundry is done.

What is also new on FAMU’s campus is the distance-learning offerings. This fall, FAMU will offer master’s degrees in nursing, public health and business. University officials are expecting 271 students during the first year of the program. The courses will be hosted on

This fall, FAMU will offer students some cost-saving options and expanded services at the University bookstore. The bookstore now includes an expanded convenience food section, gifts, Rattler shop for FAMU clothing, and unmatched textbook options. Along with installing new fixtures, countertops, and lighting, the renovations have incorporated the school colors – orange and green – into the design of the bookstore along with images and accents that evoke the proud history of our university.

“The expansion of the convenience area has been very popular,” said bookstore manager Angela Williams. “Everyone that has come into our store loves the new look and we’re thrilled that we can offer our students more of what they want and need right here on our campus.”

The bookstore will now be a full-service operation, offering students textbook options that include new, used, rental and digital books. Students will also have the option to order textbooks online, at any time.

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