Thursday, October 20, 2011

Florida A&M University to kick off its 125th Anniversary Celebration on October 3, 2011

Florida A&M University was originally founded as the State Normal

College for Colored Students that served the underrepresented and

underprivileged. Today, Florida A&M University boasts an

extraordinarily diverse student body including citizens from across

the State of Florida and the globe. For nearly 125 years, Florida A&M

University has served as a beacon of hope for thousands of talented

young men and women seeking to improve their lives through the pursuit

of a college education. To celebrate its rich history, Florida A&M

University will kick off its 125th anniversary on October 3, 2011. The

University is proud of its history and is dedicated and committed to

providing “Excellence with Caring” to a new generation of scholars.

A year-long series of special events are planned to celebrate the

aspirations and accomplishments achieved over the past 125 years as

well as illuminate the university’s vision for its future.

FAMU Yesterday. FAMU Today. FAMU Forever.

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